Market Research in Kolkata


Market Segmentation Analysis in Kolkata

In INDIA the culture, cast and language changes in every 100km. Where do you start? When and how you should present your solutions? To whom a product, service or brand will be marketed? How to reduce risk of wrong market selection?

The proficiency of Verticaleleven team will help you to navigate in stormy sea. Our experts will mine the data points from hosts and will come up with a real life solution that will answer all "W" question of your business. Our team will answer these questions in as much detail as you want. We can give you aggregated and customized report to understand the market based on region, economy, socio-economy and any level in between. We can put this information into action regardless of your industry.

Our team can even help to find consumer needs that have not yet been uttered and giving you insight into how to outline your offerings to rapidly changing desires. Once we have created a plan together, we will start measuring its effectiveness. Our team understand that consumer focus is critical to success; let's work together to achieve big numbers on your bottom line.

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Market Research in Kolkata

Santosh Prasad Das
Business Operation Head

Market Research in Kolkata

Lily Sengupta
Support Incharge

Market Research in Kolkata

Isac Iqbal
Senior Analyst